March 2, 2017

January 12, 2017

January 2, 2017

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March 1, 2017

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Setting yourself and your time free

March 13, 2017

This morning I woke up full of energy again and keen to get quite a bit done around the house before this afternoon's appointments.  At 11am I decided it was time to stop, take a breather, enjoy a mug of coffee and catchup with my diary.  


I've always kept a diary and notes or lists in a Filofax, but decided at the beginning of 2016 to give Bullet Journalling a go.  After a few months I quickly realised it wasn't totally the system for me because I prefer the flexibility of the Filofax in being able to move pages around.  I like to have the whole year of diary ahead of me instead of making them a month at a time and day by day like the system, so I tweaked it a bit here and there which was great.  The problem was that there was also the allure of the multitudes of fabulously creative Bullet Journals appearing all over social media which really appealed to my creative brain.  Picking out a few things that I wanted to try, I set about drawing and colouring and taking part in all sorts of things like mood mandalas, gratitude journal, daily zentagle challenges, daily doodling challenges and the like, not forgetting a daily habit tracker and an oracle card of the day sheet.  It was all fun to begin with but a feeling of being a chore rather than enjoyment began to creep in, coupled with missing days out and the mild sense of failure it brought with it.  Not good energy at all.


It was with this mild sense of failure this morning that I stopped and asked myself why I was continuing with something that didn't give me pleasure anymore.  In addition i'd not once gone back and looked at any of the mood mandalas or doodling pages done over the past months.   Did I really care what my moods were like months ago?  


Now don't get me wrong, a great many people gain benefit from these if they are experiencing wellness  problems which they need to track and the conventional trackers are not stimulating for them.  What i'm saying here is that my own wellbeing, mental agility and spontaneity was becoming affected by having to remember to fill these in.  I was becoming trapped into scheduling absolutely everything and then marking off that i'd done them; simple things like which day to water the plants or dust etc.  These were things i've just done as part of my natural routine so why the need to now write down that i'd done them.  I declared it was enough!  So out with all but one of the trackers and all of the challenge sheets and in with more time in an evening to read or stitch and less time faffing about with things I don't really need.  I'm continuing with the gratitude journal because it's a wonderful way to end the day in reflection; my lists collection is also a keeper (these are for books I want to read, films I want to see, places i've been or want to visit and so on).


My point after all this chatter is to ask you to stop and consider what it is you have going on in your daily routines or life in general that doesn't serve you or your time anymore.  It's so easy to be stuck with those tiny little things you started which you thought would be fun or helpful which now no longer fit.  Just because you've always done it or everyone else is finding it useful, doesn't mean you have to carry on.  Set yourself and your time free to try something new or interesting. 




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