Karen always makes you feel so welcome. Her tarot reading was very interesting, and gave

me a good insight to my life at present and the future. It was very accurate too.

Highly recommend Karen for any of her treatments.

Jan B

I had a tarot reading at the weekend and I am thinking about (and talking about) it to anyone

who will listen! Karen was amazing. It was a wonderful experience and felt natural, flowing

and accurate! It also reassured me in the path I am taking. Would wholeheartedly recommend

and look forward to having another reading soon! 5*

Karen K

I really enjoyed my tarot reading. Karen is great at explaining the cards and exploring the bits that you are interested in. It was so accurate about me and my family, and left me feeling affirmed and positive about life. Karen had a wonderful warm energy and I would look forward to seeing her again for more!

Becky B

Karen was very good at Tarot cards, spot on. Very intuitive, good at explaining and generally superb.

Ashleigh T

Thank you very much for your reading and taking the time to do a reading for me. I enjoyed it, and found it resonated with me... accurate in how I'm feeling.


Thank you for your kindness in reading for me it certainly does help and offer guidance.


Thank you for your helpful reading! 

It's a very accurate one, full of perspectives I was already aware of (but not aware enough, maybe), and this reading really cleared up my doubts surrounding it all. I also think that the simple three card spread made for a very clear and helpful advice. 


Karen, thank you so much for the wonderful and insightful reading.


Thanks for the reading, very interesting comments and accurate.


Thank you for your reading, it is so on track.


Thanks, for taking so much of effort for me, your guidance has provided me with instruments to take review and has also been  supportive in terms of morale, please do accept my sincere and heartfelt thanks.


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