First consultation and treatment session, please allow 15 minutes in addition to the usual treatment time shown below.  This first session is longer to allow time to discuss your needs and to answer any questions you may have. 

Full body Reiki Treatment (60 mins)


Seated Reiki Treatment (for those unable to lie down) (30 mins)


Aura and Chakra Balancing (includes use of crystals)



Intuitive Energy Healing  (includes use of crystals)



Spiritual Healing


Combination Treatment  

(maximum of two treatments - 90 min)


Tarot Readings

In-person Reading    60 Minutes


Telephone/ Whatsapp/ Messenger Reading    60 Minutes            


Email Reading - An  "I need it quick" one question reading.


For those "need to know ASAP" moments that requires a quick message with helpful guidance.  Up to 3 cards will be used.  Please allow 24 hours from receipt of payment and question for delivery. 



Email Reading - One question in-depth reading.


An in-depth one question reading using up to 10 cards.  Received in pdf format, it includes an image of the spread and cards drawn.  Please allow 5 days from receipt of payment and question for delivery.

Tarot Parties                              £ POA

Tarot at an event

(corporate, weddings etc)        £ POA


Payment for all the above to be made in advance before the reading/event commences.


There is an additional charge of £5 for appointments after 16h30.


Where I need to travel to another location at your request within reasonable distance of Gloucester and Cheltenham, an additional charge of £5 will be added.   (Appointments further than this can be arranged, however there will be an additional charge added - calculated using the vehicle use rate recommendations by the AA).



Until further notice,

all in-person readings and treatments are suspended.

Email and phone readings are still available.

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