What is the difference between Mediumship and Psychic Readings?

A recent chat with a friend prompted me to finally write this post. It's something i've wanted to write for a while because of questions from clients and people who have been curious about the subject from time to time. The benefit of finally writing this post is that i’ll now have somewhere to direct any enquiries to. Here are the most common questions i’ve been asked: “What is the difference between a Mediumship Reading and a Psychic Reading?’" “What is a Medium?”

“What is a Psychic?” “Are Mediums and Psychics the same thing?” “Are Psychics also Mediums?” “Are Mediums also Psychic? A frequent misunderstanding seems to be that Mediums and Psychics are the same thing.

A Medium is someone who raises their vibration to connect with, and receive impressions and messages, from a departed person or Spirit (eg. guides, helpers) A Mediumship Reading is one where the Medium connects with a departed person to bring through evidential information for proof of continued existence so that the querent/client can identify who has drawn close and who the communication is from. Evidential information are the details such as a name, occupation, description of appearance when they were in their physical form, passing condition, memories, places they lived and so on. Mediumistic messages tend not to give answers or predictions to questions about jobs, relationships, finances etc but instead bring forw

ard memories and messages of comfort. However should the departed person refer to jobs etc it is usually to let us know they are aware of what we are experiencing in our daily life or to offer guidance on how to approach our concerns. This gives comfort to the querent to know they are watching over them and that they draw close from time to time. The purpose of a mediumship connection with a loved one is to give comfort through evidence of continued existence and the connection of love. Mediums receive and process information through their ‘clairs' (clairaudience, clairscentience, clairvoyance, claircognisance or clairgustance) which is known as mental mediumship. Mediums are also able to act as a channel for a flow of inspirational communication from Spirit which is likened to a deep and meaningful lecture or teaching. Channelled information does not have the personality of the communicator. Inspirational communication can also come in the form of writing or the creation of inspired art and music. Some Mediums allow Spirit to us

e their bodies, which is known as physical mediumship. An example of this is trance mediumship. A Psychic is someone who connects with the energy and the higher self/soul of the person they are reading for or the energy of the personal objects they may have brought with them to the reading. This is the Psychic’s ability to ‘sense and see’. Psychic Readings give information in response to what the querent needs to know in relation to personal concerns, relationships, career, family, job etc. The connection is between the reader and the querent and may include the use of tools such as cards and crystals.

Mediums are also psychic, whereas not all Psychics are Mediums. If someone works mediumistically as well as psychically then they are usually known as, or called, a Psychic Medium. Some Mediums choose to only work mediumistically even though they have psychic abilities. Some work with both as a Psychic Medium and give Mediumship Readings, Psychic Readings or a combination of the two which are known as Hybrid Readings (my most favourite reading to do). An example of how a Hybrid Reading might unfold is that the Psychic Medium would begin with making a psychic connection with the querent and the reading commences, then gradually the mediumistic connection with a departed person takes place and the mediumship portion of the reading unfolds. Hybrid Readings usually include the use of tools such as cards, oracles, crystals (to name a few) for the psychic portion of the reading session, however these are

not needed for the reader to make the mediumistic connection and deliver the mediumship portion of the reading. A Hybrid Reading could begin with mediumship first and then follow with psychic because each Psychic Medium works in the way that best suits them at the time. Not sure of what type of reading you are having? Any easy way for you t

o tell the difference between reading types is: 1. In a Mediumship Reading you will be given specific details (evidential information) from a departed person which lets you know who it is, with communication which often results in an emotional response and where you experience a sense of connection with the departed loved one. Mediums giving a mediumship reading do not use tools - they raise their vibration to make a connection and receive information. 2. In a Psychic Reading there is no connection to a departed person and the answers and information is all about you. The reader uses tools such as cards, crystals or they simply ‘link in’ with you and your energy. 3. Where messages are said to be coming from a departed person while the reader is working with tools, then there must also be evidential proof identifying the departed person for this to be seen to have a true mediumistic connection with that person/s. If this is shown to be the case then it is a Hybrid Reading and not just a Psychic Reading.

I hope you have found this useful in helping you understand the differences, and that it makes it easier when booking a reading with a Medium, Psychic or Psychic Medium that you will be experiencing a reading which best suits your needs and the information and guidance you hope to receive during your time with them. K x

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