My Philosophy

My work as a Holistic Practitioner is to create a space of healing and support; physically, emotionally and spiritually for those wishing to improve their wellbeing in whichever way is needed.  By working with you, through the various Treatments offered, you will be supported, listened to and encouraged.


The Treatments I offer are not simply something that is "done" to you.  They are the "tools" through which you can achieve comfort, support, balance, calm and desired change - becoming empowered in your care of self.  

My wish in working with you as a Tarot Reader is to create a space of healing and support, for you to feel empowered and inspired, to help you take confident steps toward your goals and to navigate the challenges you may experiencing
Tarot is a wonderful way of looking at a problem or situation, exploring the various options and outcomes and to shine a light on what may be influencing our life situations and enables us to make better, more informed decisions.  While Tarot can give us an idea of what might happen if things remain the same, it is important to remember that the future is never fixed and there is always the freedom of making choices and decisions. 


I read Tarot as a system combined with spiritual and psychic connection; drawing on my twenty one years as a Holistic Practitioner for additional insight and guidance.


Complementing my wellbeing practices, my work as a Published Craft Designer allows me to share my love for creativity and self expression in whichever way inspires you. I firmly believe that having a creative outlet or hobby to relax with at the end of the day or on the weekend is an essential part of mental self care and wellbeing.  In sharing my crafty creations and patterns with you from my blog Karen Wiederhold Designs, I hope to offer you encouragement to try them for yourself or feel inspired to seek out something creative which gives you as much joy as my crocheting and crafting gives me.

About Karen

My style is a friendly, uncomplicated and encouraging spiritual approach; giving you the time and privacy you need in a personal and comforting environment.  

My journey with discovering the benefits of holistic treatment began over twenty years ago.  A way of life or "tools" that would support me emotionally and physically is what was needed and something that I could grow with, gain strength from and learn through.  

These "tools" have continued to support me through some incredibly tough personal life experiences and grief, and it is how I KNOW they are so valuable. 

I have been studying and working with Tarot for my own personal development and guidance since 1995.  I began offering readings in private, at holistic events and gatherings in 2005.  In 2016, to affirm my commitment and belief in the value of the continued study and exploration of Tarot, I completed and passed the course offered by the Tarot Association of the British Isles.   

The study of Tarot is a life long journey filled with many wonderful, revealing, surprising, intriguing and thought provoking lessons and so there

is no end to the learning experience - which in itself is a wonderful thing.  


On 25 June 2017 I was accepted as an Endorsed Reader for the Tarot Association of the British Isles after completing their Endorsement Process.

In mid September 2017 I accepted the role as Secretary for the Tarot Association of the British Isles.  My two year term of office ended in November 2019.

In 2020 I became a member of the World Divination Association.

Achievements and Qualifications:

Published Freelance Craft Designer in several UK National Magazines (2000-present)


Reiki Level I, (Sharon Lee Plaskitt) 1999

Reiki Level II, (Sharon Lee Plaskitt) 1999

Reiki Master Teacher Usui Tradition, (Pauhla Whitaker, UK) 2002

Energy Healing, (Sharon Lee Plaskitt) 1999

Advanced Healing, (Sharon Lee Plaskitt) 2000

Reflexology (Universal Technique of Reiflexology) Keith McFarlane, Tranquil Healing Academy of South Africa (affiliated to Academy of Universal Health and Healing - Chris Stormer) 1999

Indian Head and Shoulder Massage, Tranquil Healing Academy of South Africa 1999

Tarot Association of the British Isles Course completed and passed 2016

Tarot Association of the British Isles Endorsement 2017

SNHS Dip. (Crystal Healing) 2017

Mediumship and Psychic Development Circle from 2000 to present

Currently studying Aromatherapy, Grief Counselling and Meditation.




Reader for the Tarot Association of the British Isles.  Secretary for TABI (2017-2019)

Honoured to support the Acorns parents and families as a Reiki therapist at their Family Support days in Gloucester.

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